Saturday, May 30, 2015

Never Waste a Crisis

Michael: May 30: 290 Pounds

Five pounds in two days of serious dieting. Yay me!

Did I mention that I had major emergency dental work yesterday and haven't been able to actually use my mouth for the last 36 hours?

Apparently, I cracked a tooth. Number 8, right there in front. It wasn't even a real tooth. When I was 13 years old, I broke it right in half going down a water slide with my eyes closed. The crown held for 35 years, but, under the pressure of my constant teeth-grinding after difficult meetings, the top part of the tooth that was still organic cracked, leading to searing pain, an extraction of the tooth, a temporary bridge, and way more pain than I had when I started.

But, in the "other-than-that-Mrs.-Lincoln-how-was-the-play" department, it is been a great kick start for my diet. My goal has been to use the power of my will to restrict myself to 2200 calories a day. But for the present, the power of my pain is restricting me to about 1200 calories a day because that is all of the yogurt and Malt-O-Meal I can manage to get through my still-very-painful teeth.

So the question is, how do I make sure that this crisis does not go to waste?  I've managed this before. One of the times that I lost 80 pounds started with a severe stomach flu that, I determined, would not be in vain. And I do think that is possible. Even as I sit and hurt, I can feel some of my more intense food addictions subsiding. In the past, I would often get severe headaches if I did not have chocolate in a day. It would take two or three days for these to subside. I might be getting them now, but, since I am taking Lortab and other pain killers more or less constantly, who cares?

So, today's goal is simple: I will use this time away from almost all food--something forced on me by the tyranny of teeth--to reflect on my relationship to the food that I can't eat, to realize that I actually can live without it, and to try to keep up the momentum when my teeth are fully functional again.