Tuesday, July 14, 2015

To Whet My Almost Blunted Purpose.

Michael: July 14, 2015: 276 Pounds

I'm back! The last time I posted, I was in full backslide mode and was climbing back up the scale. That has turned around, thanks to the twin blessings in disguise of 1) midlife, career-related depression, which made me not want to eat anything for a week; and 2) major dental pain, which made me unable to eat anything even if I did want to. The results have been amazing--12 pounds in two weeks. Oh, and I gave up the "no fat blockers" rule too.

My overriding philosophy here is, "never waste a crisis." Almost everything that has happened to me for the last two weeks has conspired to make eating solid food undesirable and difficult. I didn't intentionally diet. I just didn't eat. But (combined with the fat blockers that I wasn't going to use), it has given me a lot of momentum. The job now is to keep it up without the need to rely on external misery.

Eating less when one is miserable, it turns out, is easy. The trick is to manage happiness when it eventually comes back.