Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I Just Don't Have Time for Exercise

Michael: June 9, 2015: 285 pounds

It has been almost two weeks since I decided to be "just friends" with food, and, I am happy to report, it seems to be working. Yes, I know that "working" is not something that one can determine after two weeks, or even two months. This is a lifetime commitment. But still, I have probably eaten more sensibly over the past two weeks than I ever have. I have neither eaten nor dieted compulsively, and I generally feel good. (And did I mention the ten pounds I have already lost?)

In the same two weeks, however, I have only managed to exercise twice--both times were 20 minute walks that I took on my lunch hour.

It's not that I don't want to exercise. I just don't have time. I'm a busy person. A lot of people depend on me. I just can't take 20 minutes off all the time to go walking around, you know. I'm an important guy.

Or so I like to tell myself. Somehow, though, I manage to find the time to spend an hour a day on Facebook and another hour obsessively checking my blog stats and Amazon rankings. And to write for two different blogs. And to spend an average of three hours a day working on one of the six or so writing and editing projects I have taken on.

And there is that forty five minutes every evening after I get home that I lie in bed and read a mystery novel, just to wind down.

And, of course, commenting on blogs and e-mail discussion threads (making sure that nobody on the Internet is wrong).

And then there is the half hour or so that I usually just spend surfing from one web site to another because I just don't want to get out of my chair.

But I'm too busy to exercise. I am a busy administrator with a full life and a lot of people who depend on me. Really. It's just not possible, no matter how much would love to do it.

One has to have priorities, you know.